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Friday, 30 September 2005

Now Playing: Reluctant napper
We nap challenged. Jiana basically doesn't want to nap at any consistent time so it's really hard to plan getting any work done. I think she is better with the nanny, but she's off on days I'm in charge. I've given up and now what I do is just plan to run out for any old errant around nap time and then she'll crash in the car. But, I have to leave for something real. If I just get in the car and drive around with the objective of getting her to nap... she knows the difference and refuses to sleep... just to spite me, I think.

On Sundays, we typically walk down to the farmer's market in Montclair village (where we live). Since, we are up in the hills, this trip tends to get somewhat aerobic for me. Since I can rarely make it to the gym anymore, this hour round trip hike actually qualifies as exercise. So we wind our way down to the farmer's market, stopping many times along the way for Jiana to greet many doggy friends. When in doubt, I always ask the breed and yang her from any pup with even a drop of pit bull in the mix. I've noticed that people are a lot more friendly when you are totting a tot. So we down to the village to collect our organic veggies for the week and feast on free samples. Jiana usually crashes on the way back up the hill and I push it to the limit trying to get her home in enough time to actually get some housework, phone calls or newspaper reading in.

Getting her to bed at night is getting a little easier. Our routine is that I lay down with her, wrap her in a pink crocheted blanket and then when the timing is just right, I lift her into her crib.... and then I pray... I pray she will go to sleep right away. I pray that neither Jupiter or Sunkissed will start loudly "meowing" for me and wake her up. So usually within 45 minutes, she falls asleep and I get my time off. She sometimes wakes up mid-night or early morning with nightmares, and I just bring her into bed with me. She usually crashes back out pretty easily and is only woken by a parade a loudly purring and meowing cats demanding immediate attention.

With that I'm signing off for my one hour of solitude.

Posted by genicejacobs at 10:18 PM PDT
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